Whether you prefer your meat hot, medium or mild, Cugino’s Sausage will always leave you satisfied. Our focus on quality over efficiency is just one of the many reasons Cugino’s Sausage is the best meat you’ve ever put in your mouth. 


  • All ingredients are hand-picked, with natural casings, staying true to our family recipe.
  • Artisinal, small-batch production allows us to ensure the quality of each package. (That’s the only thing that’s small about our package). 
  • Our sausage is always made with 100% pork, absolutely no fillers or byproducts.


Every sausage has our signature Cugino’s flavor with varying degrees of heat to perfectly complement recipes or stand on their own.

  • sausage tailgate party

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    Ultimate Tailgate Package

    Be the hit of your tailgate with a Cugino’s Sausage Ultimate Tailgate Package. Mix and match any combination for 5lbs of hot, medium or mild Cugino’s Sausage and guarantee your invite back to the next party.

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    Mild Sausage

    Our mild Cugino’s Sausage is perfect for mixing with sauces and for those who prefer no heat. This Italian sausage won’t overpower the recipe or interfere with other flavors but will still leave you satisfied and wanting more.

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    Medium Sausage

    For those who want just a little heat, this is your meat! Try our medium Cugino’s Sausage when you’re ready for some heat but not quite brave enough to handle our hot sausage.

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    Hot Sausage

    Boasting a delicious blend of high-quality ingredients, our legendary family recipe and with extra heat, our hot Cugino’s Sausage is sure to be one you brag about conquering.