Generations later, the legend of our grandfather’s sausage has quietly spread from friendly gathering to gathering. Now, we’re pulling back the curtain on his renowned meat and sharing it with the world!


Our Story

Meet Christopher and Jason – two Italian cousins committed to sharing their family’s legacy of good times and incredible sausage.


We’ve been playing with sausage since we were 11 years old, learning from our grandfather on our family farm. He taught us how to make mouth-watering sausage using our legendary family recipe.

Cugino’s Sausage recipe is the only consistent recipe that was written down and passed through multiple generations.

Growing up, great food and great family weren’t reserved for the holidays – it was a way of life. And as we got older, making sausage turned into a fun event for us to get together, drink wine, and create sausage to share with all of our family and friends.

Now, our sausage is a staple at all of our gatherings and everyone gets upset when our meat doesn’t make an appearance at the party!


A lot has changed since those days spent learning how to make sausage with our grandfather, but two things have remained the same – our family recipe and our sense of humor.

We invite you to enjoy both.


Why Our Meat is Better than the Other Guys'

Want to compare sausages? No one can compete with our meat.

Hand-picked ingredients, natural casings, and true to our family recipe

100% pork, no fillers or byproducts

Small batch production and artisan quality

Made with love (and humor)

Our sausage. Your mouth. Let's make this happen.

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