We use proven recipes and fresh ingredients

Artisan craftsmanship combined with a legendary family recipe – Cugino’s Sausage beats every other meat in quality, flavor, and sausage-related jokes.


Our Story

We’re two Italian cousins who learned how to make sausage from our grandfather, using his secret recipe that’s reached legendary status among our family and friends.

Now, we want to share our family sausage with you. Read on to learn more about the origin of Cugino’s Sausage.

The Cugino's Pledge

Cugino’s Sausage is the best meat you’ve ever put in your mouth, period. End of story.

Our Sausage

There’s a reason Cugino’s Sausage always leaves you satisfied and
wanting more – we focus on quality over efficiency.

Hand-picked ingredients, natural casings, and true to our family recipe

100% pork, no fillers or byproducts

Small batch production and artisan quality

Made with love (and humor)

Our sausage. Your mouth. Let's make this happen.

Praise for Our Meat

Having grown up in a large Italian family enjoying traditional Sunday dinners in the United States and Northern Italy the quality of food was always of utmost importance. I can honestly say no matter where you are in the world you won’t find a better tasting sausage. Cugino’s will keep you coming back for more.

--Mark C.

It's clear Cugino's Sausages don't even compare to any others. The history and hand-picked, quality ingredients can't be beat. I love supporting local businesses too.

--Joey Russo

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